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Dozens of migrants rescued in Mediterranean

Locals scramble to escape south Turkey wildfires

Huan Huan the panda births two cubs in France

Turkey: in Mugla people are fleeing the wildfires

Berlin: Covid sceptics defy protest ban.

Greece: Homes destroyed in aftermath to Peloponnese forest fire

Thousands in Paris protest incoming virus pass

Turkey: Forest workers killed in wildfires

Firefighters battle flames as fires force evacuations in Catania

Riga: Kitchen robot cooks up new future for fast food

Japan city transforms agricultural land into works of art

Anti-virus pass demo invades Italian Parliament

Puppet of young Syrian refugee embarks on 5,000-mile journey

Sydney zoo celebrates newest addition to koala pack

Villagers evacuated as firefighters combat wildfire in Peloponnese forests

To celebrate 10 years together, Little Mix get the Madame Tussauds wax treatment

UK Prime Minister struggles with umbrella at police memorial

Lebanon artist creates debris-based sculpture at site of Beirut blast

Italy: severe flooding in the Lake Como area

Japan seniors find joy in cheerleading

Exhibition for dogs displays artwork at their eye-level

Emmanuel Macron is welcomed with garlands of flowers and seashells on Manihi Island

Peruvian security forces carry out drills ahead of Castillo's swearing-in ceremony

Marble quarry in Russia plays host to concert

Macron is on his first official trip to French Polynesia

Traditional diving competition from the Old Bridge in Mostar

Blind Japanese skateboarder going by feel

Floods devastate historic German winemaker

Dinant hit by new floods yesterday evening after thunderstorms and heavy rain

Tunisian anti-government demonstrators rally in Tunis