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Samba schools show their talents at Rio Carnival parade

Chile protesters face off against police at Vi?a del Mar festival

Iraqi students hold anti-government protests

Iran quake hits villages in Turkey, kills at least nine people

Bolivians clean up after river flood forces evacuation

Residents queue for supplies at supermarket after COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

Brazil revellers get muddy at 'Bloco da Lama' carnival party

Carnival kicks off in Rio with traditional Carmelitas street party

Macron defends EU agricultural policy at Paris showcase

Taiwan military disinfects plane carrying coronavirus ship evacuees

Demonstration against racism takes place following deadly attack

Spanish police uncover underground counterfeit cigarette factory

Activists break into French nuclear plant to call for its closure

New museum in Georgia uses technology to bring art to life

Yangon: Scores of people rescued from a blazing building in Myanmar's commercial hub

Thousands of women rally for abortion to be legalised in Argentina

Passengers from coronavirus-hit cruise ship arrive home in Hong Kong

On magnets, mugs and matryoshka dolls, Putin's face still sells

This violinist played her instrument during brain surgery

This violinist played her instrument during brain surgery

This robot is being used in China to protect medics from coronavirus

Desert locusts wreak havoc in Uganda in worst infestation in 70 years

Thousands of farmers in eastern Spain cultivate protest over prices

Security forces use tear gas in latest anti-government protests in Iraq

Winter storm leaves 50 people stranded at mountain pass in Norway

Flooding after UK hit by second big storm in a week

Thousands watch 'flight of angel' at Venice carnival

Man 'runs ultra marathon in flat' as cooped up China bids to stay fit amid coronavirus outbreak

Man 'runs ultra-marathon in flat' as cooped-up China bids to stay fit amid coronavirus outbreak

Families of 29 gunned down by soldier in Thailand honour relatives