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Gold medalist ice skater practices on frozen lake in Russia

Hundreds of children take part in annual carnival in Croatia

Milk protests and daring jumps: No Comment of the week

Pro and anti-Brexit protesters rally on Valentine's Day

Budding industry: Valentine's Day blooms in conservative Afghanistan

Drone shows Venezuelans illegally crossing into Colombia

Vietnamese singles look for love at Hanoi pagoda

Forest fires tear through south Chile

Restoration of Brazil's National Museum continues five months after devastating fire

Blooming cherry blossoms create pleasant sea of colours in east China

Police rescue elderly man during Queensland flood

Daredevil base jumper performs outrageous leaps on Scottish mountains

Six passengers fall from stairs while boarding plane in West Siberia

Newborn baby rescued from storm drain in South Africa

Lanterns light up sky of ancient Chinese city

Movie stars and British royalty mix at BAFTAs

Italian farmers dump milk in protest over falling prices

Contestants mimic cranes at Japan winter festival

London and Milan celebrate Chinese New Year

Thousands protest in Haitian capital for fourth day

Thousands rally in Madrid against Spanish PM's proposed talks on Catalonia

Hundreds take part in large public snowball fight in Tacoma, Washington

Thousands line streets of Viareggio to see satirical floats

Guatemalans transform old bikes into machines

Suspected drug traffickers killed by police in Rio shootout

Chinese worshippers pray to God of Wealth

Teacher uses 'horse car' for daily commute

Volcano spews lava in fresh eruption on Indonesia's Siau island

Japanese spa offers chocolate bath as Valentine's Day treat

North Koreans celebrate first day of Lunar New Year