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Istanbul skids and slides to a halt as snow blankets Turkish city

'Brexit carnage': UK fishing sector protests extra red tape outside EU

Tunisian police continue to clash with protesters as poverty still rife 10 years after revolution

Residents on island of Java clear up ash from Mount Semeru volcano

Number of bodies found after Indonesian earthquake rises to 56

Indonesia's Mount Semeru spews hot ash 5.6km into the air

China's famous Ice Town sees annual sculpture festival scaled back amid pandemic

North Korea holds huge military parade ahead of Biden inauguration

Indonesian navy divers find new debris from Sriwijaya Air jet

Region in Siberia has longest cold spell for 14 years

COVID-friendly cuddle room boosts pensioners in southern Italy

Bulgarian villagers chase away evil with bonfire feast and dancing

Italy's tourism workers protest lack of support amid COVID impact

Skin conditions and no utilities as migrants facing bleak winter in Bosnian camp

Japan celebrates coming-of-age day despite recent COVID-19 surge

Villagers in India rescue truck after 70 foot gorge tumble

Parts of Japan see record snowfall as military brought in to lend a hand

Names of 111 women killed in domestic violence in 2020 pasted on walls in Paris protest

Spain clears swathes of snow that brought Madrid to a standstill

Dal lake freezes over in Kashmir due to cold snap

Thousands of Filippino faithful gather at church to glimpse 'miraculous' statue

Bosnia migrants 'moved into heated tents' amid more snowy weather

Bali battles mounting plastic waste as rainy season causes build-up

Russia's premier Ice Sculpting competition gets underway in Perm

US election protests and the storming of Capitol Hill

Putin visits UNESCO-listed church for Orthodox Christmas service

Indonesia's baby sea turtles make a break for freedom

Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria ignore COVID advice and gather for Epiphany

Islands of floating waste clog river in Bosnia

Palestinian scout bands parade during celebrations for Orthodox Christmas